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mercoledì 19 settembre 2012


August 21st , 2012. That day I started living my new life.
I am on exchange and I have been living in the U.S.A. as a native since that day.
What does being an U.S. exchange mean? Well, it means living as an American with an American family, going to an American high school, eating American food and even speaking and thinking like an American (in American English) all day long! Now, I am Italian, but I am acting like if I was American (I try, at least) and it is a big change in my life. Everything is different and I wasn’t used to all this, but it is getting better day by day.
If I was worried about misunderstanding people or not understanding what the teachers would explain in class, now I understand more and I don’t have big problems during the lessons. If I was preoccupied that I wouldn’t have friends, now I am glad to have people around me who I can talk to and with whom I get on well.
All the new things I am experiencing here are like fireworks: what a wonderful show, how many different colors! I can also say I am an artist: I have been painting my life as I wanted it to be. I have drown this year abroad and now I am drawing my future, which is based on these 10 months in the U.S.A.  Like they said during the Renaissance, “Homo faber fortunae suae”.  I am the only one responsible for my destiny.
Why have I chosen this? Why have I chosen to interrupt my life and change it drastically and extraordinarily?
I have chosen all this because I want to get to know the American culture, the language, the people, the cities, the history, the lore. Everything.
I haven’t really quit my “previous” life. I have just pushed the pause button, so that it can be stuck for a while, something like 10 months, less or more.
I know I will miss my life, my friends and my family. I already knew it before I left my country, but I accept it. I don’t care if I will feel homesick, I will get over it!
I am here because I wanted it (and I still want) and because I wanted to do what I am doing: I have no regrets, everything is wonderful here, it is even better than what I have thought it would have been.
I will never forget the day I first met my host-family in person. It was the 24th of August. It was a sunny day, the weather was great, it was even too hot. As soon as I got off the airplane, a warm wind flew gently onto my face, as if it was whispering “Welcome to your life”.
I think I felt a bit nervous when I was walking towards the baggage reclaim, but I got rid of that sense of anxiety as soon as I saw my host-family waiting for me with a bouquet of flowers and some balloons. As they saw me, we all couldn’t help waving our hands and beaming, while I was heading towards them. They all were well dressed, their faces were clean and they look simply perfect and friendly. When I hugged them I felt at home, since I had traveled for two days on my own, and they were really nice with me right from the beginning.
Free from any strange feeling, I was very happy to be with them at last! After several months of e-mails and Facebook messaging, I couldn’t believe that I was there with them.
They welcomed me in their family, they wanted me to be one of them, they wanted me to be like one of their children, they wanted to love me. And I wanted to love them too.
They drove me home and showed me the house. The next days they showed me the town and the nearby cities, they drove me to the fair and to the lake. We went out for dinner, and tried different foods. We went to a rodeo, the first one I had ever been to. And it was just amazing! In a few days I saw how life is here in America and I started living like them.
So here I am, an Italian girl who moved to the United States to fulfill her wish and live her dream.
I have been in Idaho for almost a month and I really like it here. So far so good: the family, the school, the people, the landscape, the nature.. Everything is great!
I have to thank my real family for all this, because they have been the only one who had let me do it and who had given me the possibility to be here now. And I am experiencing everything not just for me, but also for them, especially for my mom, who would have loved to do the same experience, if she had had the possibility to go through it. That is one of the reasons why she backs me and why she is my best supporter.

- A lot of people ask me how I feel, how I feel without you, if I miss you.. –she said to me- And I always answer that I am fine, that I am very glad, and proud as well, for what you are doing and I don’t feel any sense of loss, but I feel full of positive feelings and emotions for you instead. Some can ask how we let our daughter go so far away for a year, what kind of parents are we?!? And truly this is what I used to think about the other exchange students’ mothers! Nevertheless, I never doubt we have done something wrong and inappropriate for you, because we have done it just so that you would have been happier and satisfied. If you are, we are super happy! I imagine how you can feel, and I think you are fine and you are excited about your life and your chances.
A tear of happiness run slowly down my cheek.

-  I am, Mom. You and Dad have given me the best opportunity ever, seriously. I am happy and I am glad that I can make you feel what I am feeling just by sharing my experiences with you. I really appreciate what you have just told me. It means a lot to me, and I know how much I mean to you. Get ready, your daughter is becoming American! You are the best, Mom. I love you.

- I love you too, Honey.

And from her voice at the phone, I knew that tears were coming. But she wasn’t sad at all, she was just like me: super happy.

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